Two rival networks, two new shows – Daasi and Bewafa. Starring Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain in the lead, Daasi aired on Hum TV while Bewafa starring Ali Rehman Khan, Navin Waqar and Ushna Shah in the lead aired on ARY Digital.

Which one was more promising? Read on.

Daasi’s first episode served to introduce the characters. Mawra had a typical, chulbuli and colourful entry which lasted for a good five minutes. She burst onto the screen in an orange shalwar kameez and instantly reminded me of Hira Mani for Do Bol. She referred to herself in the third person whenever she talked and was your regular TV drama, middle-class girl.


Adeel’s character, Aael, on the other hand, was sombre and sad and there were glimpses of him being troubled. He had just lost his father and decided to leave his home right after because of tensions with his mother. Fate brought Adeel to Sunheri face to face and the two immediately clashed – not very original. The same night, Adeel ends up at Sunheri’s house as a tenant and the episode ends Sunheri saying, “Tum?”

The first episode pretty much laid out what the drama is going to be about – two conflicting opposites who fall in love. What the conflict will be that hasn’t been revealed as yet, but judging from the promos and teasers, its probably going to be about their different worlds. Unless the writers introduce a refreshing twist, the drama is going to become another love story in Hum TV’s list of productions.

Meanwhile, Bewafa, as the title suggests is about being unfaithful and judging from the promos one can guess that it will be about cheating followed by a second marriage. What I liked about this drama was that it was fast-paced – there was no lead-up or anything, you just dived right in. Ahaan (Ali Rehman) and Kinza (Navin Waqar) are a couple married for six years. Ahaan is an IT professional with a stable job, while Kinza is a housewife and the two appear to lead a seemingly normal life. But a few minutes into the first episode, we are shown glimpses of Kinza’s overbearing and suspicious nature. She is forever questioning Ahaan about his whereabouts and tries to control him. This not only puts off Ahaan but also me, as a viewer. Itnay sawaal jawab toh bhae meri Ammi nay kartein mujhe say.

The third person in this relationship is Shireen (Ushna Shah), who works in Ahaan’s office and is love with him. Actually his money and status more, than him. She belongs to a lower background and is willing to go to any length to uplift her social status. Shireen declares her love for Ahaan through a voice note which by chance Kinza gets her hands on first. Of course, she throws a tantrum on this despite Ahaan’s assurances that there is nothing going on between the two and that Shireen’s feelings are one-sided and he has no feelings for her. This, in turn, causes Ahaan to lash out on Shireen, who goes home crying. Kinza later apologises for her behaviour and all is well between the couple. However, Ahaan begins to feel bad about his outburst and the promo for the next episode shows him going to Shireen to apologise.

After Khaas and Meray Paas Tum Ho, Bewafa is another drama centred on the subject of cheating. While all three dramas appear to be different, their premise is the same. Whether on not Bewafa is different from the other two, time will only tell.

Meanwhile, have to say the performances of all the three leads were brilliant.

It’s hard to make a call given that only one episode has aired, but if I had to pick one, I’d probably choose Bewafa because its more masalaydaar and faster-paced. Daasi has a dark touch to it, and I, for one, have had enough of such love stories.