Ehsan, a 9-year-old domestic worker, was allegedly sodomized and then murdered by his employer Shan Ali, an estate agent, in Lahore. The employer claims that the boy committed suicide by hanging himself.

The incident occurred in Baghbanpura, Lahore on Tuesday as per the police. A murder case has been lodged while Shan has been nominated in the FIR on the complaint of the child’s mother, Nawab Bibi.

The child, a resident of Kasur, was sent to work as a house help at Shan’s residence some five years ago. According to the mother, her brother-in-law, Imran, used to collect wages from the employer while family members were not allowed to meet the boy. They met him only once in five years. The suspect himself called the family to inform them that the boy has taken his own life. Reportedly, the alleged killer shifted the body to the morgue before the boy’s parents arrived at his home. She told the police that her son was sodomized and then hanged by Shan.


The alleged murderer has already fled the scene, while the police is in search of the suspect.