Pakistani passports are going through a number of transformations and the recently proposed one is the inclusion of the names of both the mother and father if the child’s parents are divorced.

Geo’s Azaz Syed shared that the proposal is under consideration. In case of divorce or separation, the woman’s passport will be made in the name of the father. Previously, it was reported that that a married woman must have her husband’s name on her passport as per law and if the woman is divorced a box will be introduced to have her former husband’s name.

For children with divorced parents, the names of the parents will be entered in the passport.


It is also revealed that the Ministry of Interior will take the final decision to amend passport rules while Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Law are considering the proposal of amendments to the rules.

Azaz’ sources at Ministry of Home Affairs say that after the amendment of the rules, passport software and boxes will have to be updated. The federal government will decide on the proposals after consultation with all stakeholders.