A video of Qari Abubakar Muawiyah’s lawyer has emerged online where he is claiming that his client was drugged by the police in Shahdra. He alleged that the police then forcefully took his sperm while Qari Muawiyah was unconscious.

The lawyer further added that his detained client is being tricked into another case in Shahdra where it is being said that he molested a child, taking him to a graveyard. However, he asserted that Qari Muawiyah has never been to the place.

A cleric, arrested for allegedly trying to molest child in Faisalabad, is now free because of the intervention of religious cleric, Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer.


Cleric Abubakar Muawiyah was accused of child molestation, when a video of him being lambasted by the police officer for allegedly molesting a child went viral. In the video, Muawiyah is seen offering an explanation that the child was just ‘massaging his feet’.

But many are not accepting his explanation. According to social activist Syed Zaighum Kazmi, “Mowlana Abubakar Muawiyah from Deoband school of thought and active member of banned outfit Sipah e Sahaba caught red handed while rapping a 12 year boy from his own Madrasa.”


In the FIR, the child’s father Mudassar, stated that his child went missing after prayer and when he went out to find him, he heard his son’s cries from an adjacent house. As he barged in the cleric Muawiyah was naked, holding a gun and trying to rape Mudassar’s son. According to Mudassar, when Muawiyah saw that people had discovere him, he ran away from the location threatening them with a gun.


Upon the intervention of an esteemed scholar Allama Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer, Muawiyah has been forgiven by the father of the child for “Allah ki Raza”.

Anchor Shahzad Iqbal programme on Geo ‘Naya Pakistan’ Allama Zaheer said because the child was not raped, ‘a margin should be given to the alleged convict’. Zaheer said that he has talked to the parent of the child and clarified that this was due to a ‘misunderstanding and things are sorted’.

Journalist Shehzad Iqbal highlighted that this is against the law since the FIR is already registered and the matter should be investigated.

Muawiyah, upon his release, was seen saying that he is grateful to Allah because he is exonerated ‘with respect’.

Meanwhile, human rights activist Nadia Jamil has requested Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz to take notice. “We must put an end to this. Begging you to take stern notice and make an example of this perverted criminal and allow this young boy and his family to access mental health support to help over come the trauma he has been through,” pleaded Nadia.