British-Pakistani journalist Saima Mohsin, has won the right to take her former employee, CNN, to a full tribunal at the London Central Employment Tribunal. As per her claims, she was unfairly dismissed and discriminated against following an injury she sustained on an assignment in Israel.

Previously, CNN claimed that Mohsin cannot bring the matter into a court in London under her contract but following a preliminary hearing last month, Judge Klimov ruled in Mohsin’s favour, allowing her to proceed with her case to sue CNN for negligence.

Saima Mohsin currently works with Sky News on a freelance basis and has a programme on ITV about living with invisible disabilities.


In 2014, Mohsin was reporting on the Israel-Palestine conflict from Jerusalem when her cameraman ran over her foot. This damaged her tissue, resulting in chronic pain, forcing her to walk with a stick and reducing her to work part-time only. Mohsin suffered from depression as a consequence. In 2017, CNN terminated her contract. As per a Guardian report, Saima had requested CNN if she could switch to a presenting role in order to reduce the amount of time spent travelling but she was told “You don’t have the look we are looking for”.

Later, according to, Mohsin “repeatedly indicated her willingness to settle outside of legal proceedings, but CNN has so far declined to do so”. She also said that the news network has exacerbated her “pain and suffering” by continuing with the legal action.

In her statement, Saima Mohsin said, “I have constantly offered reinstatement or mediation and negotiations. I didn’t ask for this battle while learning to deal with an invisible disability and rebuild my life. But it was important I take a stand.”