The premier episode of Coke Studio 2020 consisted of three original tracks featuring a lineup of emerging artists including Mehdi Maloof, Seher Gul and Wajiha Naqvi, along with industry veterans Meesha Shafi, Fariha Pervez, Ali Noor, Sanam Marvi and Zara Madani.

According to the press release, producer Rohail Hyatt has ensured that not only will this be a season featuring purely original songs, but the focus for this year has also been on content and social messaging which includes an all-female anthem called Na Tutteya Ve with veteran female vocalists including Sanam Marvi and Meesha Shafi.

In addition to this, CS debutant Mehdi performed Dil Khirki, a song written and composed by the emerging Indie artist. According to the singer, the song, with its typical college sing-along feel, is about “opening your heart to the world regardless of life’s circumstances”.



“In accepting one’s circumstances, one is able to submit to fate which ultimately results in a greater understanding of both life, and the self,” said Mehdi.

In the third song of the episode Jaag Rahi, Fariha sings about suffering sleepless nights, longing to be united with her Beloved (Almighty). Ali’s voice responds to this longing by explaining that he suffers the same predicament and that she is not forgotten. The song is an interesting and contemporary take on the classical thumri.

The 13th edition of Coke Studio or CS2020 will only have 12 songs this year featuring 13 artists and international musicians.