Eid-ul-Azha is all about big fat lunches and endless dinners at relatives’ places. Especially in desi households, one can’t escape the aunties. We all know how easily one can get bored while sitting all day and even after feeding your stomach to death, you sometimes just want some air. We compiled a list of cool places where you can go.

1- The Cinema

So we have a lot of Pakistani movies and Hollywood movies to watch this Eid. From Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad to Thor. You can watch whatever you want. We know that there is going to be a rush but it’s Eid and you can enjoy the movie more in a houseful. Grab your tickets, lay back, and put on a show.

2- Margala Hills National Park

If you feel like taking a bit of a walk. Go to Margala Hills National Park in Islamabad. There are several hiking tracks there too. The view is also going to be great but remember to do it before 12 pm because, after it, it is going to be hot folks.


3- Playdium

Wanna do something different? Try out the gaming center. In Lahore, there is Playdium. It is a bit expensive but who cares because you have Eidi this time. Go out with your cousins or friends. It will be a fun yet unique outing. Also, Playdium has some serious Instagram photo lighting. We would also suggest that you take some good pictures there. Thank us later!

4- Spa Day

Everyone is tired now since it’s Eid Day 2. Pamper yourself and spend some money on yourself. A spa day can get you relaxed, all fresh, and ready for the upcoming working days. Make some time and plan now!