A Pakistani couple celebrated their valima with street children.

Bannu Assistant Commissioner Usman Ashraf and wife Dr Natasha Rizwan tied the knot a few days ago and decided to celebrate their valima in an unconventional way.

Speaking to UrduPoint, Ashraf recalled that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, gatherings are not a good idea so it seemed appropriate to hold a small celebration with children who deserved it.


The groom added that family members and all the loved ones should be invited to the wedding ceremony, however, it is also important to keep in mind those who are usually neglected by society – like street children.

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The guests at the couple’s valima were from Each One Teach One Foundation’s street school. It is an NGO that provides education and grooming for out-of-school children.

Social media users lauded the couple for remembering and involving street children in their happiness.

The couple says simple weddings should be normalised and extravagant expenses avoided.