A leading immunologist has warned that a new Covid variant can cause a different symptom that only occurs at night.

BA.5 was first discovered in South Africa earlier this year. It is a highly-contagious subvariant that can cause night sweats. The variant is contributing to a fresh wave of infections across the world.

Professor Luke O’Neill from Trinity College Dublin called this symptom “strange”.


“One extra symptom from BA.5 I saw this morning is night sweats.”

“The disease is slightly different because the virus has changed. But if you are vaccinated and you’re boosted, it doesn’t progress into the severe disease,” Professor O’Neill added.

BA.5’s ability to reinfect is concerning to healthcare professionals. It is pertinent to mention that previously, if a person had been infected with SARS-CoV-2, they were considered safe from the virus after one cycle ended. With the subvariants, this is not the case anymore.