When D’Amla eatery launched in Karachi, it was received critically. More than the food, the outrageous prices of the items and the owner’s behaviour seemed to irk the customers who took to social media to bash the restaurant. To be honest, the prices of the platters were touching the sky but overall it was not that expensive. Other than that, the owner had advertised the restaurant as less of an eatery and more of an experience.

A few days back I decided to visit the restaurant on a whim and it left me quite surprised. I, for one, am not the person who goes on reviews as I like to make my own judgments.

Our meal started with Ceviche with White Pearls, Three Cheese Large Bowl Salad with Nuts and Fruits, Chicken with Wasabi, Parsley Sauce Prawns with Potato Puree and Undercut Meat (Smoked) with Greek Curd Cream. The Ceviche was a refreshing change from the usual as were the prawns.


For the main course, we had Lamb Chops with Portuguese Potatoes, Argentinian Rissoto with Sujuk and Grilled Chicken Thigh, Prawn Pesto Spaghetti and Swiss Charcoal Chicken. Oh man, these dishes were to die for. The meat was succulent and juicy, the seafood fresh and the Sujuk which is a Turkish sausage was absolutely delightful.

Rissoto with Sujuk and Grilled Chicken Thigh

No meal is ever complete without dessert so for that, we had Walnut Tart with Vanilla. This was so fresh and yummy that I had to stop myself from ordering another one.

Given the negative reviews, I was a bit skeptical about visiting D’Amla but the small, dimly lit restaurant won me over and I cannot wait to go back. The food was not only well-presented but it was delicious to the core. Everyone has their own experiences – someone’s cup of tea might not be yours, so it’s always better to decide for yourself.