Personal data of more than 533 million people (half a billion) was breached in a massive cyber hack on Facebook. The data includes names, phones numbers, emails and other sensitive information.

According to reports, the data comes from people across 106 countries — 32 million Americans, 11 million people from the United Kingdom (UK) and around six million Indians.

On the other hand, Facebook responded that there is nothing to worry about as this data breach was part of a leak that happened years ago.


Liz Bourgeois, the spokesperson at Facebook, said the vulnerability that caused this data breach was discovered and fixed in August 2019.

On the contrary, many users have expressed anger against the social media giant by saying that Facebook is trying to downplay the mass data breach.

Alon Gal, chief technology officer (CTO) at Hudson Rock (Cyber Security firm), said that the leaked data can be used by hackers to scam people with fake schemes and for other illegal activities.

Facebook has a lot to answer, and a simple “it’s been fixed” is not enough, he said.