Ibex goats are dying in large numbers in Kirthar National Park, authorities have confirmed.

According to local sources, four more ibex were found dead on Sunday while nine infected animals were traced by wildlife officers.

Local sources have also reported that dead ibex are being cremated and buried, while efforts are being made to clean the ibex’s watering holes.


The water in which the dead ibex were found has been blocked by planting bushes around it. While the water has become very polluted after decomposing ibex were found in it, locals claim the water will clean naturally with rains.

Ibex are apparently suffering from an epidemic called Peste des Petits Ruminants, or PPR.

Locals explain that this ‘goat plague’ is a virus that spreads rapidly, usually infecting sheep and goats. It is thus feared that the disease has been spread to ibex from goats

Currently, there are around 25 thousand ibex in Kirthar and so far, 35 have died.

Deputy Conservator of the Department of Wildlife, Hyderabad, Wahid Shaikh told Geo News that samples of the dead ibex have been sent to the laboratory for analysis, adding that the Sindh Wildlife Department has sent more teams to the affected area.