Operation expansion

Israeli spokesperson, Daniel Hagari, has announced that the Israeli military is expanding its operations.

“We are moving to the next phase of our war against Hamas in Gaza – from the air, land, and sea,” he stated in a video shared on social media.


Communication restored

Earlier today, the Palestine Telecommunications Company announced that landline, mobile and internet services were gradually being restored while their technical teams have been “diligently addressing the damage to the internal network infrastructure under challenging conditions”.

Hospital vicinity bombed

Israeli air raids have targeted areas near Gaza’s largest hospital that currently has “tens of thousands of people seeking shelter”, AP reports.

Without giving any proof, Israel claims that Hamas has a command post under the hospital.

Additionally, Health Ministry officials have told Al Jazeera that at least 30 hospitals and health centres have shut down in Gaza since October 7 and that they have a dearth of medical and fuel supplies.

Now more hospitals are expected to shut down in the coming days if supplies do not come in.

Al-Quds Hospital will be bombed: Israel

The Palestinian Red Crescent (PRCS) has received “serious threats” from the Israeli forces to “immediately evacuate the al-Quds Hospital as it is going to be bombed”.