Biden finally calls for a ‘pause’ in war

For the first time since October 7, US President Joe Biden has called for a humanitarian “pause” to Israel’s war in Gaza, asserting the eimportance of evacuation of all citizens in Gaza.

“I think we need a pause,” he said on Wednesday when a heckler referred to an immediate ceasefire during a campaign speech.


Biden was asked what he meant by “pause” to which he responded, “Time to get the prisoners out.”

The White House later clarified that the reference was of captives under Hamas.

Almost 200 killed, over 100 missing in Jabalia bombing

According to a report by Gaza’s Government Media Office, more than 1,000 people have been affected by bombing on Jabalia refugee camp which includes 195 killed, 120 missing and at least 777 wounded.

The Israeli military attacked the camp on Tuesday as well as Wednesday promoting the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to deem the attacks “appalling”, while the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said the “disproportionate attacks” could amount to “war crimes”.

Israel, on the contrary, claimed to have targeted a Hamas commander.

12,000 targets in Gaza attacked

Israeli army spokesperson Daniel Hagari has stated that more than 12,000 targets have been attacked since October 7.

Eleven bakeries destroyed

UN relief agency UNOCHA has reported on the destruction of 11 bakeries in Gaza that were struck by Israel since October 7.

Now, only nine bakeries are reportedly left in Gaza as of Wednesday.

While UNOCHA is supplying the bakeries with flour, they are, nonetheless, struggling to operate due to fuel shortages and additionally, people have to wait in long queues.

Israel-Lebanon conflict continues

Al Jazeera reported that the Israeli army claimed that one of its drones was shot down by a surface-to-air missile fired from Lebanon.

The military responded by attacking the squad and the site from where the rocket was launched.

Egypt to help evacuate ‘about 7,000’ foreign nationals

The Foreign Ministry released a statement saying that Egypt will help evacuate “about 7,000” foreigners and dual nationals from Gaza through Rafah border.

These 7,000 people consist of “more than 60” nationalities.

At least 60 people detained across the occupied West Bank

In an overnight raid by the Israeli forces, at least 60 people have been detained across the occupied West Bank.

The total number of Palestinians detained since October 7 now crosses 1,800.

Additionally, 132 people have been killed in the occupied West Bank while more than 2,100 are wounded.

Israeli agricultural sector struggling

The Ministry of Labor reported that Israel’s agricultural sector is reportedly affected with “significant damage” as thousands of foreign workers have left since October 7.

More than a quarter of about 30,000 foreign workers working in Israel have departed while about 20,000 Palestinian agricultural workers have not been allowed to enter Israel.

The ministry has now given a green signal to 5,000 foreign workers to overcome the shortage in the agriculture sector.

Credits: Al Jazeera