It’s 2020 and Pakistani celebrities are still guilty of fat-shaming. Last week it was Amna Ilyas and this week it’s fashion designer Deepak Perwani.

In an Instagram live session with Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, Deepak while talking about fashion critics – including journalist Aamna Isani – had said: “Are they critics or the people who take money? They post reviews for money, even on Instagram”.

On referring to her, he said, “Agar front pay na behtao to moti shor kar rahi hoti hai, motiyan shor kar rahi hoti hain kay free ka bag nahi mila.”


“80% of the reviews are favourable to the people that they like,” he added.

Later, when asked to share his thoughts on the Lux Style Awards, Deepak said: ” We don’t allow you to nominate us, who are you to dominate us? Apnay kapray toh dekho. Kya pehan kar ati ho. Humay baatao gi kay kapray kya hotay hain.

“You [Hassan] said this to me: ‘That woman, she doesn’t even know how to wear clothes herself and she is going to write a review about my clothes. She doesn’t even know what she is talking about’.”

“These are your words from five years ago,” Deepak said to Hassan.

Soon after the video from the live session went viral, social media users lashed out at Deepak for fat-shaming.

Interestingly, just a few days back, Aamna had lauded Deepak’s new upcoming collection Shalimar.

Following the backlash, Deepak apologised to Aamna for his comments.

“I’m not the kind of person who would body shame anyone,” wrote the designer on Twitter. “My sincerest apologies for my choice of words. It just happened and was not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments.”

Deepak’s close friend designer Maheen Khan also encouraged everyone criticising to accept the apology and move on from the incident.