Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supremo Nawaz Sharif continues leading administrative meetings with his daughter, chief minister of Punjab Maryam Nawaz, despite facing heavy criticism. 

The PML-N head also chaired a meeting on Monday to review problems in Punjab’s agricultural sector.

Since the general elections on February 8, the leader of the PML-N has mostly stayed out of the spotlight. But in the few times he’s been seen in public since then, he’s been taking charge alongside his daughter, leading administrative meetings of the Punjab government.


Now the question is that if Nawaz Sharif has not held any official or administrative position, then why is he leading administrative meetings in Punjab as he is just a member of the National Assembly (NA)?

Sharif said during a meeting that the quality of seeds is still a big concern even after decades.

He called for “effective steps” to save 37 million acres feet (MAF) of water from being wasted during agricultural activities in the province.