We all know books are good for the brain and food for the soul. But what we may not know is that books are healthy for us in other ways as well.

Unfortunately, according to a recent survey carried out by Gallup, 75% of Pakistanis claim not to read any books at all and only 9% are avid readers.

Here are some health benefits of reading books which might encourage you to head to the nearest bookstore and grab a book or two.


Reduces stress

Research from the University of Sussex suggests that daily reading can lessen stress up to 68 percent, even more than listening to music, drinking a cup of tea or taking a walk.

Improves IQ

Books improve verbal IQ and stimulate parts of the brain related to language and memory. Reading also delays cognitive decline in the elderly.

Helps in weight loss

For those struggling to lose weight, adding a good novel to your diet and exercise routine could help. A study from Duke University suggested that reading an inspiring novel helped young girls to achieve weight loss within six months compared to those who didn’t read.

Boosts emotional intelligence

Reading boosts emotional intelligence. By reading and imagining a character in mind, it becomes easier to see yourself in a character’s actions. Beyond just entertainment, you find inspiration and empathy.