Sindh Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ghulam Nabi Memon has taken action after videos of alleged aerial firing by the son of a senior Karachi police official circulated on social media.

The son of Karachi East Deputy Inspector General of Police Azfar Mahesar can be seen firing pistols and rifles into the air from a luxury car, with policemen seemingly present in one of the clips.

As the video quickly gained traction on social media, IGP Memon ordered an investigation against DIG East, directing Karachi’s additional IGP to oversee the inquiry. A statement issued by Sindh police asserted that disciplinary measures would be taken upon the completion of the investigation, which will also examine the legality of the weapons used.


IGP Memon affirmed his commitment to prevent such incidents from causing fear and disorder. Meanwhile, DIG Mahesar stressed that the videos were edited and stated that he is probing the matter.

Aerial firing is prohibited in Sindh, and as per the police, two college students were recently arrested for their alleged involvement in a similar incident on February 28 at Seaview.

Authorities reiterated that there is a strict ban on weapon displays and aerial firing, citing the students’ actions as causing fear and distress among the public.