Pakistani director, Qasim Ali Mureed is all set to tie the knot with producer Sadia Jabbar.

Qasim shared the news on social media, posting an animated photo of their wedding card on Instagram with a small caption: “Qasad,” a shorter version of Qasim and Sadia.

A week ago Sadia posted her pictures on Intagram, buying jewelry for her wedding.


Meanwhile, social media is flooded with Sadia’s pictures, enjoying her Mehndi, wearing a Mayun dress.

Qasim is well-known in the Pakistani entertainment industry. He has directed various blockbuster dramas such as Prem Gali, Angan, and an upcoming movie Tich Button. Qasim was married to famous model Fia Khan and has a daughter Amelia with his ex-wife. After the couple got separated, Fia married a Turkish guy in Germany.

Sadia is also a famous film and TV producer with projects like Balu Mahi and Prem Gali respectively, in her bucket list.