Trigger warning: domestic violence, child abuse

Teenage domestic helper Rizwana has received plastic surgery from doctors on her face, while her head injuries were disinfected during the procedure, ARY has reported. Hospital sources say the procedure was three hours long, while the possibility two or three more plastic surgeries in the future cannot be ruled out.

“She was shifted to the ward after applying bandage on her wounds,” the doctors said.


The horrifying case shocked Pakistan when the teenage domestic helper was tortured and abused while working at a civil judge’s home in Islamabad, after she was accused of stealing jewelry. The family has revealed the girl was not paid a single penny by the family for the extensive workload she was doing.

Since the case went viral, actress and children rights activist Nadia Jamil spoke out publicly against employing children for domestic labor, leading a campaign to get the perpetuators arrested, while prominent celebrities like Mahira Khan, Wahaj Ali and Hamza Ali Abbasi have also lend their voice.

Jamil shared an update yesterday that Rizwana had opened her eyes, but was still in casts.