The US dollar appears to have bounced back on Wednesday at the opening of interbank trade, as it gained 31 paisas. The American currency closed at Rs277.41 after gaining Rs1.97 against the local unit. The dollar was exchanged for Rs275.75 at the start of the trading session on Wednesday.

However, later the greenback gained even more value with Rs1.31 in interbank trade and was being traded at Rs276.75. In just a short while, the currency gained even more strength with Rs1.56 and was traded at Rs277.

Owing to the strengthening of the dollar in the interbank trade, the currency’s value stopped falling in the open market also. Its value remained stable at Rs280 in the open market. On Tuesday, the greenback had lost a massive Rs10 in the interbank market.


On the other hand, the Pakistan Stock Exchange continued its bullish trend. The shares of energy, oil and gas, and refinery companies were shared in the market.

The stock exchange retained its limit of 44,000 points on Wednesday morning. The KSE-100 index rose with 472 points to 44,030 points. At the start of the trading session, the index gained 200 points to reach 43,770 points.