Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has warned his party members to not “bypass” him to meet the establishment.

His remarks came during the PTI core committee meeting, in which he said that he is aware that some PTI members are in contact with the establishment and issued the warning that no one should bypass him.

It has been reported that Imran Khan was visibly angry at the meeting, lashing out at the unnamed party members.


He instructed his party members to clearly inform and get approval from him before establishing any contact.

The PTI chairman directed core committee members to tweet according to PTI policy. He gave charge of implementing party policy to senior leader and former minister Shireen Mazari.


“People are more active in the campaign against the government than party’s bodies,” Imran Khan said adding that there is a possibility that people may outpace the efforts of PTI bodies.

He instructed core committee members to play an effective role in the upcoming long march in Islamabad.