Hania Aamir recently sparked backlash after she talked about colour shaming and flawed beauty standards in a series of posts on her Instagram stories. Netizens and social media users called the actor out for using a beauty filter and not showing her own raw skin while talking about embracing flaws.

Responding to the criticism, Hania said: “I was even wearing makeup that day. The point is being comfortable with who you are, doing things because you want to do them, not doing things because [of] the beauty standards that are set.”

“Does that makes sense?” questioned Hania after clarifying her stance.


“If I am using a beauty filter because I want to use it then it’s fine. But if I use a beauty filter because I feel pressurized by the society, then it is wrong,” she explained.

The actor further said: “Let’s not kill the whole conversation and pit women against women just because you don’t understand my point of view. There is something good going on over here, so please expand your brains and think positively.”

Hania further said that she has been talking about skin positivity for the last two years.

Agar mein ne beauty filter user kar lia aik din toh aap ko opportunity mil gae hai. Itnay opportunist na bano yaar,” she remarked. “This is me with a bare face, deal with it.”

This is not the first time Hania has talked about unrealistic beauty standards. Earlier in 2019, Aamir had opened up about her struggle with acne and talked about unrealistic beauty standards.

Meanwhile, Syra Yousuf also posted a barefaced selfie of herself while responding to those who posted negative comments about her skin.