There are some people who restore your faith in humanity and make you believe that compassion does exist somewhere. And this Rescue 1122 official is one of them.

Zahir Shah, a Rescue 1122 official, missed his own sister’s funeral in order to retrieve the bodies of three sisters who drowned in Kundal Dam on Eid in Swabi.

According to reports, a boat carrying 38 passengers capsized in Kundal Dam due to overloading. While the 35 of the 38 passengers were rescued safely, three sisters drowned and died in the dam. Shah was part of the rescue team who tried their best to save the sisters. He was informed of his sister’s death while he was on the rescue mission but he chose to complete his duty before attending to personal matters.


Shah’s actions and commitment received applause from all around and he was hailed a hero on social media. He was also given a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ by Rescue 1122.