Caretaker Minister for Commerce, Industries, and Production, Dr Gohar Ejaz, has voiced his opposition to the early market closure proposed as part of the energy conservation plan, expressing concerns over the significant financial losses the government could incur as a result.  

According to ARY News, Dr Ejaz said that Pakistan currently has a surplus of electricity, making the decision to close markets prematurely economically unfavorable. 

He revealed that recommendations were sought from all chambers of commerce across the country within a 30-day period. Additionally, Dr Ejaz announced an upcoming anti-gas theft initiative following the anti-power theft operation. He urged traders to be flexible, considering the limited gas resources in the country. 


Furthermore, he revealed plans to invite 100 international brands to a conference in Pakistan, granting them the status of state guests. Dr Ejaz also mentioned the current exchange rate of the US dollar, which stands at Rs260. 

To encourage the purchase of electricity from Thar, he directed Sindh and Punjab to do so, promising tax exemptions if they comply. This move aims to make electricity tariffs in these regions more competitive. 

The caretaker minister stressed the need to boost exports, pointing out that Pakistan’s foreign direct investment is contingent on increased exports. He called for cooperation from business leaders to resolve various issues.  

Dr Ejaz expressed his commitment to serving the country and previously outlined plans to support industry stakeholders in boosting exports and establishing business parks in major cities to stimulate economic growth.