A number of ‘once dedicated’ corporate workers are taking matters into their own hands and taking more control over their professional future. They are switching to freelancing, either by reskilling and going in a completely other direction, or by performing the same tasks for numerous clients as they did for a single company previously.

For those who don’t know, the internet economy is expanding quickly and in 2020 it produced 17 million jobs in the US alone. The consumer takeaway Whether you use the internet for a side business or a full-time career, you can do pretty much anything online, including earning good money.

According to Forbes, every month since the spring of 2021, four million American employees have left their jobs.


Here are 10 high in-demand skills that can help you earn well online:

Web Development 

Web development is one of the best skills to master to earn money online because it is in high demand and there are numerous methods to capitalise on your expertise. It can be learned through online classes, boot camps, or even independent study. And if you’re excellent at it, you might be able to make a lot of money; hourly fees for web developers working as freelancers range from $10 to $80.

Graphic Designing

Learning Adobe Illustrator is a terrific approach to start working online and making money. This is helpful because almost everyone who manages a website, creates their own website, or engages in online activities like advertising, creating YouTube videos, etc. will eventually require some design work done. And learning this skill takes more than a few days. It does require some commitment, but it is easily accomplished.

It should be a no-brainer for you to choose to learn how to utilise Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign if you have the aptitude for design and illustration. Additionally, installing AdobeSuite on your PC is crucial.

Since people are more drawn to compelling pictures than to simple texts, graphic designers are always in demand.

Every business needs art of some kind, whether it’s for creating their corporate identity (logos, brands, etc.), selling their goods or services (websites, brochures, etc.), or connecting with customers (ads, promos, etc.).

Even without a college degree in fine arts or visual communications, you can succeed in this industry if you are creative, passionate, and competent at designing.


You can learn Photography for free by taking a variety of online courses and watching videos on YouTube. This will enable you to take photos that are more inventive, captivating, and distinctive. From street photography to images of food and animals, practically any form of photograph may be sold online. Alamy images typically sell for $75 each, although their prices can range from $17 to $416 depending on their intended usage.

Audio Editing for Podcasts

From a niche trend for tech-savvy individuals, podcasts have grown to become a mainstream phenomenon with a market value in the tens of millions of dollars. As a result of that money, many people have expressed a desire to launch their own podcasts; however, the majority of people lack the skills necessary to independently edit audio, which is where you come in.

You can improve another person’s audio so that their listeners won’t provide them negative feedback. There will always be a need for your services because podcast listeners routinely voice unhappiness with the sound quality.

Voice Modulation 

One of the most lucrative skills to acquire to earn money online is voice modulation. The marketplaces for voice actors, narrators, and other professionals are those that still need to be explored. For the recording of audiobooks, narrative narration, videos, etc., voice actors are required. On internet job boards, there are many positions that specifically require this talent.

Social Media Marketing 

Planning and overseeing a brand’s social media strategy across a variety of channels will be your role as a social media marketer, according to Jensen. Any company that doesn’t leverage social media’s power will lose out on brand-building opportunities as customers use social media platforms at an increasing rate. Social media marketing is growing in popularity as a result. If you are knowledgeable about the mechanics of how social media works, learning this skill could be a great idea.

Web Scraping and Data Entry

All you need for the job is a basic understanding of using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.) or its equivalent in Google Drive and other open sources, aside from diligence and attention to detail. Of course, you also need to know how to use the internet.

The straightforward procedure of web scraping entails conducting online research for clients and compiling the results on a worksheet. Many businesses compile data about their target markets, including contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, websites, Linkedin and other social media profiles, etc.). They can now send business proposals, even ones that are personalised, to the appropriate recipient.

For this skill to be mastered, no college degree is necessary. In reality, data encoding allows even high school dropouts to support themselves.

Creative writing

You can definitely earn a life writing if you have the talent for it. This is a talent that you begin developing in elementary school and just keep honing as you advance academically.

Therefore, by the time you earned your high school certificate, you ought to be able to write essays and other types of literary works without much difficulty.

After that, there are several ways to develop writing skills, like enrolling in classes, reading books and other materials, watching online tutorials, and, of course, writing. When you reach a particular level of expertise, you’ll find that there are many chances available to you online and even outside of the virtual environment.

Proofreading and Editing

Of course, having writing skills is required for this position. It’s similar to how you cannot adjust a swimmer’s strokes if you do not yourself know how to swim properly.

Simply identifying and fixing grammatical, typographical, and spelling mistakes in someone else’s writing is proofreading.

On the other hand, editing may entail rewriting sentences or even paragraphs to increase readability, eliminate repetitions, and improve the flow of ideas.

The two may not be identical, but they do kind of overlap. Thus, they might constantly expect you to perform both tasks when they hire you to do one or the other.


Consider vlogging if you have the gift of gab rather than the inclination to write or design.

Using video creation and editing software as well as online resources for free video and audio samples, you may make engaging YouTube content even if you lean more toward the introverted side of things.

Developing a sizable audience is the key to making your material interesting to sponsors and marketers. Alternatively, you might sell this skill to businesses that want for a popular internet video to advertise their products or services and raise brand recognition.

Even if you largely rely on freelance markets to identify and work with clients, you will still attract a lot of potential clients by being active on LinkedIn. Every month, set aside a few hours to update your profile with recent samples of your work, ask former clients for references and recommendations, establish new relationships, and reply to job advertisements for contract work.