A judicial magistrate along with the team of the Sindh Social Welfare Department raided an Edhi shelter home in Karachi’s Clifton Thursday after a girl allegedly died of torture there.

A woman in her complaint registered in the Clifton police station had stated that a girl was tortured to death by a teacher at the shelter home.

As per reports, SSWD (Sindh Social Welfare Department) officials took seven girls into protective custody during the raid. The statements of around 150 girls were documented in the presence of the judicial magistrate and seven of them complained that they were tortured. The girls were handed over to the Sindh Social Welfare Department.


Meanwhile, the Head of the Edhi Foundation Faisal Edhi rebutted the allegations and termed the case as baseless saying that the girl died a natural death because she was sick.

“It was a natural death that was why it wasn’t reported to the police”, he stated.

He said the complainant had been living in the shelter home since her childhood, adding that her brother wanted to take her home with him which is why “all these stories were being made up”.

Faisal further said that 150 girls were present inside the shelter home at the time of the raid and only seven of them agreed to leave, adding that the girls who were taken into protective custody had “liberal views”.