Three major releases, namely Parey Hut Love, Heer Maan Ja and Superstar, are hitting the screens this Eid ul Azha and the excitement and promotions for the films are in full swing. Moreso, all three films have A-listers in their cast. From Mahira Khan to Hareem Farooq, from Sheheryar Munawar to Ali Rehman Khan, the casts of all the films are lit which make them all the more appealing.

But what’s interesting is that it appears that every member of the Pakistani film industry is part of at least one of three films which makes the films even more starry than before. While Meera Jee and Fawad Khan have cameos in Parey Hut Love, Hania Aamir and Syra Shehroz make an appearance in Superstar. Mikaal Zulfiqar and Ahmed Ali Akbar have guest appearances in Heer Maan Jaa. The names above are just a few and the makers of the film have promised us even more stars.

Essentially cameos, especially starry cameos, are added to draw more attention towards the films and increase their star value and every film’s director and producer has applied that formula in their films. Basically, this means that even if the films have no storyline, no plot, we’ll still be excited to watch them because you don’t know who’ll pop up onscreen next.


Nonetheless, The Current asked the makers behind the films to decode this concept for us and this is what they had to say.

Speaking exclusively to The Current, Asim remarked, “Feature films are made to entertain people and you have to keep looking for any and every possibility on how you can entertain them. Mixing things such as cameos or guest appearances by known faces with characters brings vibrance and excitement that is needed for any film.”

“This is not the first time that I have done this,” he continued. “In my first feature film, three years ago, Ho Mann Jahaan, I introduced this concept. Why others are doing it, I don’t know, but I’m doing it because I believe in it. It’s a way of adding more entertainment for my viewers.”

Asim concluded his remarks saying that his films are for the masses and he would do anything that is decently possible to keep them entertained and engaged.

We also caught the producer of Heer Maan Ja, Hareem Farooq as she was promoting the film and asked her the same. Hareem started off by laughing that this was done to add more star power to the film and make it more attractive for the audiences. She then commented that guest appearances were the need of the film as the script demanded it.

When asked how the filmmakers decided who to cast, Hareem replied, “Some actors were decided when we were writing the script. So some of the guest roles were written keeping in mind the actor. Others were cast once the script was finalised and we felt that they would be best suited for the role.”

Looks like this Eid is all about the more the merrier. But hey, we’re not complaining.

Which film are you most excited for?