Uzma and Diya, who own Cannoli Café Soul in Islamabad, are at the receiving end of outrage for mocking and ridiculing their restaurant manager for his English speaking skills.

In a now-deleted video from the café’s Instagram page, the two women explained how their manager has been working at their café for nine years and has taken three language courses until now. 

They then asked him to introduce himself in English and when he struggled with speaking fluent English, they made fun of him by commenting on the manager’s salary. The manager, Owais, was visibly uncomfortable in the video.


Soon after the video was posted on social media, people started calling out the women for their elitist behavior.

Even Shaniera Akram stepped in to defend Owais and said that she “knows what it’s like being put on the spot to speak another language”.

Later, #BoycottCannoli began to trend on Twitter as netizens called for people to boycott the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Cannoli Lahore has said that they are not linked to the Islamabad Branch and that they condemn the incident.