The Esports World Cup (ECW) has announced a huge prize pool of $60 million (Pkr 1650+ crore). This is a big jump from the $45 million prize pool at the Gamers8 event in 2023. It shows that esports tournaments are getting bigger and more important worldwide. With such a big prize, the competition is going to be tough as players and teams compete for their share of the money.

The Esports World Cup is getting ready for a big event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this summer. Organizers from the Esports World Cup Foundation have announced big plans for an eight-week gaming tournament, aiming to make it the biggest esports event ever.

The EWC will bring gamers, publishers, and fans together worldwide for intense competition in 19 esports games. From Apex Legends to Counter-Strike 2, Dota 2 to Fortnite, League of Legends to TEKKEN 8 and PUBG mobile top clubs will compete in Riyadh for the biggest prize pool in esports history.


The Esports World Cup will hold 20 separate tournaments, each with its own rules and format, over eight weeks. These tournaments make up the Club Championship, where organizations will compete for the title of Club Champion. With each club’s performance in various games being crucial, the competition will be intense and diverse, showcasing skills and strategies across esports.

The prize pool distribution for the Esports World Cup is as follows:

Over $33 million allocated across the 20 individual game tournaments.
Half of the total prize pool will be distributed among the teams competing in individual tournaments.
$1.1 million reserved for MVP awards, recognizing standout participants in each tournament.
A $50,000 MVP award will be granted to an outstanding participant in each tournament.
Additionally, $7.6 million will be awarded to teams and players who successfully qualify for tournaments at the ESWC.
$20 million will be allocated to the top 16 teams participating in the Club Championship.