A light-hearted moment occurred between Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and comedian Shafaat Ali during a ceremony at Prime Minister House in Islamabad.

The Prime Minister gave a cheerful invite to Shafaat by recounting an anecdote of his past interaction with the comedian. The PM said: “Mr Shafaat has been compassionate with us today because I had a past experience with his performance and said to myself, ‘Ye main kidhar phass gya hun?’”

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the PM’s remarks about Shafaat.


PM Shehbaz requested the comedian to mimic him in front of the people present, which surprised many present since a sitting PM has rarely done that.

The Current talked with the talented Shafaat Ali to get the details of his fun interaction with the PM.

“When I went on stage, he was initially so nervous that he avoided eye contact with me. Then I made a comment on Javed Latif and everyone just exploded with laughter,” Shafaat told The Current.

We asked Shafaat if the PM expected him to do a mimicry of the Prime Minister. “What he [PM Shehbaz] did at the end of his speech was not expected. It’s probably the first time ever that a head of state has asked an artist to imitate him in front of a live audience.”

Shafaat remarked that he was “genuinely impressed with the PM’s cool,” given that it was a spontaneous interaction with Sharif at the end of the ceremony.

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