Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Maryam Nawaz and Captain (R) Safdar’s son, Junaid Safdar’s wedding is surely the talk of the town these days. The wedding reception will be held on December 14 in Islamabad and the Valima in Lahore on December 17.

We approached Junaid and got to know some exclusive details regarding his wedding, views on his mamu’s [Hamza Shehbaz] singing and the honeymoon.

When asked if is he going to sing at his wedding, he replied: “I have nothing planned in particular. It really depends on how the event proceeds. It was quite spontaneous during the Nikkah as well. Singing is something quite personal to me but because the nikkah was a strictly family affair.” He revealed that he sang a few lines from one of his favourites on his Nikkah.


Hamza Shehbaz’s singing videos from one of Junaid’s pre-wedding events became a social media hit. When we asked Junaid if he thinks his uncle sings better than him, he clearly said he has no doubt about it, adding that “I cannot possibly attempt to tackle the songs he sings so effortlessly.”

As the wedding is just around the corner, we asked if he is planning to go back to London after the Valima? Junaid answered it with a ‘yes’. He said, “This event would be incomplete without Abujan’s [Nawaz Sharif] blessings, and the blessings of Hassan and Hussain Mamu, my Khala [Asma], and Ali Dar Khalo.”

While talking about his wedding, Junaid clearly seemed really excited about it. He said that this event is a breeze for the family after a long spell of turmoil.

He talked about the recent tragic events in his family that have happened in the past few years. He said, “Political turmoil is a recurrent theme and therefore, insignificant when compared to personal, family turmoil. I am talking about personal, family turmoil here. My grandmother’s fight against cancer. The passing of my grandmother whilst my mother, grandfather and father were in prison. The passing of my great grandmother. The smiles have now returned Alhamdulillah and it’s a heartwarming sight.”

Talking about his honeymoon plans, he disclosed that plans were initially finalised. However, they are now pending as the couple is waiting for further covid-related information.

Dulha Junaid is set to get married to Ayesha Saif, daughter of former politician Saif-ur-Rehman. The couple got nikkahfied in August this year in London.