There isn’t anyone on social media who has not seen – and loved – Junaid Safdar’s suprisingly excellent singing at his Nikkah ceremony. With social media and Pakistan’s celebrities going ga-ga over the young groom’s singing skills, we had to reach out and ask, where did he learn how to sing?

“I’ve never had any training,” he told us in a message, “this was rather spontaneous but the song is one I grew up listening to and one I quite admire myself”.

Junaid was seen crooning to the chartbuster song, Kya Hua Tera Waada from the hit Bollywood film Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahi starring Rishi Kapoor. Although they hired a professional singer, Navin Kundra, who enthralled the audience with his songs, Junaid’s rendition of the famous song took the Nikkah and social media by storm.


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The song was sung by one of India’s most legendary playback singers, Mohammed Rafi. We asked Junaid that since the song was way before his time, how did he know the lyrics to one of Bollywood’s classics and if he had any other oldie favourites.

“Many of Rafi Sahib’s,” he responded, “I think I just grew up listening to them and appreciating these lyrics.”

Even though the song wasn’t planned and was ‘spontaneous’ as Junaid mentioned, we had to ask if he sings to his wife Ayesha and if they do any duets.

“Haha. Nope,” said Junaid.

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If you missed the song, take a listen here: