TikTok star, Hareem Shah recently posted a picture on her Instagram account with the caption, “My Life”.

The Current reached out to Hareem Shah and asked her who the guy in the picture was. The TikToker revealed that the person in the picture is her husband.

She further told The Current that her husband is from Karachi and is a politician belonging to the Pakistan People’s Party but she refused to give us his name.



Earlier, Hareem said that she can’t reveal her husband’s identity until he takes permission from his first wife.

Hareem said in her live session with Geo news that, “I will reveal his identity soon after I will get the permission.” When asked that who is stopping her, she said: “As I have told earlier that my husband is married and as soon he will take permission from his wife and tell his family, we will announce our marriage.”

Hareem allegedly tied the knot to the PPP politician in a private ceremony. But details about her husband were kept under wraps from the media and public.