Claim: Imran Riaz Khan, Irshad Bhatti and Maleeha Hashmy have been sacked by Geo News, Samaa TV and Public News for their political biases

Fact: Maleeh Hashmy was fired, Irshad Bhatti still works at Geo News and Imran Riaz Khan did not respond

Minister of Human Rights Shireen Mazari in a tweet expressed her displeasure over the silence of journalists representative bodies and human rights organisations against the sacking of three journalists and TV show hosts/analysts, Imran Riaz Khan, Irshad Bhatti and Maleeha Hashmi.


“Samaa News sacked Imran Riaz Khan. Geo News sacked Irshad Bhatti while Public News sacked Maleeha Hashmi. Not a word of condemnation came from the media, journos & all other self-proclaimed human rights defenders,” the minister wrote in a tweet.

Were they all really fired from their jobs? We find out.

Irshad Bhatti- Geo News

Truth: He is on leave until Monday April 11, 2022

Social media reports started circulating yesterday, suggesting that Irshad Bhatti has been sacked from Geo News. Shireen Mazari in her tweet also said the same. However, Bhatti in his reply to Mazari clarified that he has not been taken off-air and he is on leave for three days. He further said that he will be back on-screen on Monday.

Imran Riaz Khan- Samaa TV

Truth: He has not confirmed whether he was actually fired from Samaa TV.

Imran Riaz Khan is a Current affairs host at Samaa TV. He has not confirmed the news yet.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Political Communication Dr Shahbaz Gill in his tweet said that Imran Khan has been off-aired from Samaa Tv. However, no official statement has been issued from the channel.

Maleeha Hashmi- Public Tv

Truth: She has been fired

Maleeha Hashmi used to host a tv show on Public News. Yesterday, the news of her being fired off from Public News, started circulating on social media. Later, she confirmed the news on Twitter. “Public News has OFF AIRED me because I REFUSED to ATTACK Imran Khan & Defend the Culprits of the foreign conspiracy,” she wrote. The channel is yet to give an official statement.