The Punjab Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) has officially banned TikTokers in all public parks, reported media outlets on Sunday, stating that ‘we are a responsible authority expect responsible attitude from the public too…[Youtubers and TokTokers] will be taking permission and sharing the content of the video prior to any shoot from now onwards.”

However Azhar Mashwani, Focal Person of Digital Media to the Chief Minister of Punjab has clarified this statement, in a tweet. He, while calling the news a fake one said that “no such decision taken so far by Govt Currently TikTok is banned in Pakistan.”

The Current spoke to Mashwani and asked him about the official notification related to the ban which is circulating.


He stated that it is merely a suggestion by the Vice Chairman of PHA and it requires a lot of approval from the other high officials. We even asked him that if we go to a public park right now and make a TikTok video there would the authorities there allow us? He responded with a yes.

The notice has been making rounds on social media platforms since yesterday following the Minar-e-Pakistan incident in which Ayesha Akram, a TikToker survived a mass sexual assault on August 14.

No other official from PHA or Punjab Government has commented so far on the matter.