Claim: Multiple journalists including Sami Abraham and Sabir Shakir have implied in their tweets that Imran Khan is being held in a derelict jail cell, complete with a picture of a dark jail cell.

Sara Taseer, daughter of late Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer, also took to X (formerly Twitter) on October 1, writing:

“This is what you call “zameen tang”. This inhumane treatment for the man you has given so much for the name fame betterment for #Pakistan I’m so ashamed to call myself Pakistani today. I never thought I’d ever feel this way. #ImranFightingForPakistan”


The picture of the cell was quite disturbing, with peeling paint, a dark interior and derelict walls.

Journalist Sami Abraham also tweeted the same picture.

However, this is not actually Imran Khan’s cell.

This photo was published by Jeannie Adams in ‘DOING TIME – MISSOURI STATE PENITENTIARY TOUR 26 JUL 2017’

The cell picture shared by these accounts is actually in Missouri, from a now-closed facility where prisoners on suicide watch were detained.

Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, has been recently shifted to Adiala Jail and is being tried for the Cipher case.

True or False: The claim is false.