We all get messages that go viral on WhatsApp and most of us do not believe them or we simply ignore them because that is the best thing to do because they do not have any authentic source. The Current just fact-checked one of such text messages.

The message currently appearing on our phones read:

Many of us did not consider this and some of us must have thought to block that person who sent this. BUT THIS IS CORRECT. Time to unblock that guy.


The Peak hours from June to August are from 7pm to 11pm.

It is on the official websites of Lesco and K-electric. You can find peak and off-peak hours for different times and months. Here are the websites:



You can not only check the peak and peak off hours at the official website of Lesco but also you can estimate your bill. Isn’t that amazing? You have to write units consumed during off-peak and peak hours. phase type, number of TV sets, arrears (if any). Fill all the columns and make an estimate of your bill.