A matrimonial advertisement of a woman looking for a vaccinated groom, has gone viral on the internet. In the ad, a 24-year-old self-employed woman claims that she is fully vaccinated and is looking for a man who must also be completely vaccinated. The newspaper-clipping style advertisement went so viral in India that Indian politician Shashi Tharoor tweeted about it, asking, “No doubt the preferred marriage gift will be a booster shot!? Is this going to be our New Normal?”

The ad also stated that the girl wanted a post graduate, independent, patient, humourous and well-read partner. While the man also seemed too good to be true, the ad was also apparently a fake.

According to the Indian Express, the ad was ‘launched’ by a man from Goa, to convince people to get the COVID vaccine. Created by Savio Figueiredo, a community pharmacist, the ad had Savio’s original phone number listed and he says that his phone has not stopped ringing since it was posted on Facebook. The 58-year-old man told the Indian Express that he had posted it to raise awareness on Facebook for the vaccine, and someone picked it up, stating it was real and it had gone viral ever since. He says that even if 10 people get vaccinated because of the ad, it is worth the constant ringing of his telephone (possibly from prospective suitors).



Major cities in India have relaxed the lockdown rules as COVID-19 cases settle down. Pakistan also is reporting a drop in cases with the positivity rate under three per cent for the first time in four months.