In the midst of ongoing nationwide protests against escalating electricity bills, rumours of a tragic incident have emerged, capturing the attention of social media users and news outlets alike. A post that quickly gained traction depicted an elderly man, purportedly driven to despair by soaring electricity prices, who tragically took his own life by jumping off a bridge in Rawalpindi.

The accompanying image showed the man lying on the road, an electricity bill resting on his chest. However, an investigation by the Islamabad Police has since confirmed that these claims are false.

The viral post elicited an outpouring of sympathy and concern from prominent social media figures and digital news platforms, who shared the purported tragedy with deep sadness. However, as the post gained momentum, it also caught the attention of the Islamabad Police. Responding to the viral news, the authorities swiftly addressed the situation, clarifying that the incident as portrayed never occurred.


In an official statement, the Islamabad Police stated, “The case of an elderly citizen jumping from a bridge has been circulating on social media. However, there is no truth to this news. While the elderly citizen did fall during the protest, he later safely returned home. Videos of this incident went viral among citizens on social media platforms. It’s important for citizens to refrain from disseminating such false information and instead report any suspicious activities by calling 15.”

This incident serves as a reminder of the critical role that accurate information plays in shaping public perception and understanding of events. As protests continue to unfold across Pakistan, staying vigilant against the spread of unverified news is paramount to upholding the integrity of the ongoing discourse.

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It is crucial for both individuals and media outlets to exercise responsible reporting, ensuring that the facts are presented accurately and without distortion.