Falak Shabir and Sarah Khan have legit been giving us couple goals ever since they announced their engagement. The couple has gone above and beyond to express their love for each other.

Whether it was having a fairy tale proposal and engagement, complete with fireworks


According to the couple’s wedding photographer, Abdul Samad Zia, Falak arranged everything for Sarah.


Or it was Falak serenading his bride on their wedding day


Or when Sarah changed her name on Instagram to Mrs Falak

And when the two enjoyed their own ‘shaadi ka khana

To express his love even more, Falak has gotten Sarah’s name tattoed on his arm. The singer shared a picture of his tattoo on social media with the caption “She is my Queen”.


Later, the couple’s wedding photographer also shared an image of the tattoo.

On the other hand, Sarah wrote ‘Falak ki Dulhan‘ with mehndi on her palm.

Here’s wishing the newly weds a very happy married life.