Hussein Alinzi, 59, was arrested in the United Kingdom last year on charges of battering his 15-year-old daughter on the morning she was to take a GCSE English exam.

Alinzi accused his daughter of deceiving him to secretly meet a boy, and of wearing makeup. The girl has reportedly put on makeup to hide the bruises the father inflicted on her the night before.

Alinzi was charged with beating his daughter with a metal bar right up to the point where she lost consciousness. However, she later tried to sit for the exam but was immediately taken to the A&E after she complained of dizziness and nauseau.


The teenager reported to her teachers and the police that her father subjected her, on numerous occasions, to beatings and threats, reportedly saying, “I will run you over”, “I will kill you,” and “I hope you die.”

Medics reported there were 14 injuries on the girl’s body along with a bite mark on her left temple.

However, Alinzi, who works as a delivery driver, has avoided jail time after an eight month prison sentence was suspended for 18 months after the girl gave an emotional plea in court. He is also required to complete 80 hours of unpaid work and 25 days of rehabilitation activity days.

“I initially didn’t want to provide a statement or evidence as I did not want to cause further pain to my family,” the girl said in a statement.

“When my father was arrested, I felt safe that he was not here, but sad that he was not home.”

”My Mum struggles to look after my younger brother and I felt guilty that I bought shame on my family. I love my Dad and I can see that his attitude has now changed. This has made me realise how people can actually change.

”Since he has not been living with us, I have become more independent. My brother needs to live with his Dad, and he needs him back.

“I actually feel happy as all this has changed him, it has made him realise what can and can’t do.”

During the sentencing, Judge Mr Recorder Peter Wright KC spoke to Alinzi, reminding him to be kinder towards his children:

“You’re the father of a big family of which there ought to be pride rather than shame, but that shame has been bought on your family by your conduct.

“You have not behaved like a father should to his children, you behaved like a monster to them.

“She should have been expected to be loved and protected by you, not assaulted and abused. She lived her life in fear of you, enduring your physical conduct towards her. You are a bully, and what you did was not protecting your child.

“Your conduct was unforgivable and indicates your will for a combination of fear and violence. This is not acceptable, it is inexcusable and shameful.

“She is now left with the emotional scar of now being the cause of you becoming separated from the family. This is a feeling that is natural for a child, but she is blameless.”