A father has allegedly killed his son in Budhbir, a suburb of Peshawar after the younger man put up a PTI flag on the roof of the house following a bitter dispute, BBC Urdu has reported.

A case has been registered on the complaint of Arifur Rahman, the brother of the deceased Atta-ul-Rehman, in which it is said that the father and son had a repeated and bitter verbal argument on politics, upon which the father got angry and opened fire on his son with a pistol.

Son Atta-ul-Rehman in Qatar

Arifur Rahman, the complainant in this case and the victim’s brother, told the BBC that his brother had been living in Qatar and was working as a sanitary worker. His brother had come home to Peshawar after taking a two-month leave and was supposed to return to Qatar in 20 days.


Arif says that the argument between his father and brother started with the hanging of the PTI party flag on the roof of the house, which escalated to bitter words and his father shot Atta-ur-Rehman in a fit of rage. He was visibly upset when the BBC interviewed him. In his words, his younger brother Atta brought the flag home and put it on the roof, but his father did not like it. According to Arif, his father urged his brother to “vote whoever you want, but raising this flag is not right.”

Arif says that his younger brother started an argument with his father that it was not a big deal to plant the flag and eventually the argument escalated to such an extent that Noor Rehman pulled out a pistol and fired at his son.

According to the FIR of this case, Atta-ur-Rehman was being taken to Lady Reading Hospital for treatment, but he died on the way.

Arif has said that his father had retired from his job some time ago. His father does not seem to belong to any political party, but the Awami National Party is supported in his area and representatives of this party are elected. He says that there is an atmosphere of sadness in the house now. Our breadwinner brother is no more and the whole area is saddened by the incident. Atta-ur-Rehman has been buried. His brother relayed that it was not such a big deal, just that the bitterness in the conversation increased so much that no one understood what happened.

The father has escaped from the house. SP President Division Abdul Salam Khalid says that raids are being conducted in search of the accused.