Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor landed in a controversy recently when his comment on his wife Alia Bhatt went viral on social media. Netizens felt Ranbir body-shamed Alia when he said that she has ‘pheloed’. The Raazi star is expecting her first child with Kapoor. The comment went viral on social media and the actor was slammed left, right and centre.

Ranbir has now clarified his comment and issued an apology to fans who were hurt by his words.

The actor, at an event on Wednesday, said that he loves his wife and that comment was a joke that didn’t land. He also clarified that it wasn’t his intention to hurt anyone. “Yes, absolutely. Firstly, let me start with, I love my wife with everything that I have in my life. And what happened on that, I think it’s a joke that didn’t turn out to be funny. I really want to apologize if I have triggered anyone. It was not my intention. So I want to say sorry to people who got offended or triggered,” said the actor. Ranbir also said that he spoke to his wife about it and she really laughed it off. “She didn’t mind it. But I do have a bad sense of humour and sometimes it falls flat on my own face. So I am sorry if I have hurt anyone about it,” the actor said at the event.



However prior to Ranbir’s apology, actor Ahmad Ali Butt’s wife and former model Fatima Khan slammed Ranbir for his derogatory remarks.

Fatima posted on her Instagram stories, “Stupid joke by an insensitive jerk. Poor girl was flabbergasted and speechless because of being embarrassed. Don’t know when will men understand the stress, insecurities and vulnerabilities, a woman go through during pregnancy.”

Khan concluded by mentioning, “If such an educated man can be so ignorant, I have no hope left.”