Pakistani actor Fawad Khan, known for his stellar performances in TV and film, and his former role as a vocalist in the band EP, has released a teaser for his latest project, ‘Beat’. Fans, already buzzing with excitement for his upcoming movie ‘Neelofar’, were surprised by the unexpected teaser drop. Here’s what we know so far about this intriguing new venture.

Fawad Khan, celebrated for his memorable roles in both television and film, including the iconic series “Humsafar,” has once again captured the attention of his fans with the teaser release of his upcoming project, “Beat.”


In the teaser shared on his official Instagram account, Fawad Khan offers a glimpse into the world of “Beat,” a project that promises to delve into the essence of every heartbeat. Produced by Zero Productions in collaboration with Z-Quantum Studios, Wave Images, and Pulse Fonts, the teaser hints at a compelling narrative awaiting viewers.

“Beat” boasts an ensemble cast featuring Fawad Khan alongside Daniyal Naeem, Irfan Junejo, Shahveer Jaffery, and Junaid Akram. Notably, Irfan Junejo, Junaid Akram, and Shahveer Jafry bring their expertise as social media influencers and content creators to the project, adding an intriguing dynamic to the film.

Scheduled for streaming on March 1st, “Beat” has stirred anticipation among fans, eager to witness Fawad Khan’s brilliance in yet another captivating role. However, some fans, initially anticipating the teaser for ‘Neelofar’, expressed curiosity about the project’s details and the involvement of Irfan Junejo.

We can’t wait for the release!