After a critically acclaimed first season, ‘Tere Bin’ is set to make a big comeback. The producer behind the hit series, Abdullah Kadwani, has announced the series is set to release on Friday, December 29, the perfect way to start the new year.

“Exciting news for fans of “Tere Bin”! The highly anticipated announcement of “Tere Bin Season 2″ is set for Friday December 29, 2023.. Get ready for more heartwarming moments .. Mark your calendars for this eagerly awaited revelation. InshALLAH, it’s going to be fantastic & I promise you would love it…”

The Geo Entertainment drama series stars Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali as two complete opposites who fall in love. Meerab is a headstrong, fearless woman whose dream is to become a lawyer. Her family has arranged her marriage to Murtasim, a member of a conservative, land owning family where women are different from Meerab’s fiery nature. Despite them being opposites, the two keep falling in love with each other.


Abdullah Kadwani announced the sequel to the drama in July in a group picture with Yumna and Wahaj. He thanked the fans for their dedication and love that turned ‘Tere Bin’ into a success.

“Tere Bin phenomenal journey comes to an end achieving unprecedented milestones in the history of Pakistani entertainment. We thank Almighty ALLAH for making #TereBin the biggest blockbuster❤️. I and Asad Qureshi extend our heartfelt gratitude to audiences worldwide for their immense love and support towards our creation.
A big shout out to the visionary leadership of Asad Qureshi, who has been the driving force behind #TereBin‘s remarkable success.
Hats off to the outstanding performances of Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi, who have brilliantly portrayed the lead characters in #TereBin. Their extraordinary talent & magical on-screen chemistry ❤️❤️have mesmerised the viewers, making Murtasim and Meerub’s story even more unforgettable …
A heartfelt shoutout to the director Siraj ul Haq and the writer Nooran Makhdoom for their exceptional direction & storytelling that kept us hooked till the very end.
We are also honored to have worked with the legendary actor Bushra Ansari & our other star cast members in this drama … Their remarkable portrayal of characters has added depth and richness to the narrative …
We feel that it is essential to acknowledge the relentless efforts and dedication of the remarkable teams at Geo Entertainment and 7th Sky Entertainment. Well done Team Geo & Team 7th Sky … Your combined brilliance has paved the way for this unforgettable drama to touch the hearts of billions.
To our incredible cast, crew, and every individual who poured their heart and soul into making #TereBin a true masterpiece, we extend our deepest gratitude.
And now, in response to the overwhelming love and support from our amazing audience, we are thrilled to announce that we will be launching #TereBin Season 2! Stay tuned for more exciting updates and details …”