Information Technology University (ITU) of Lahore has started virtual reality classes for the first time in Pakistan.

ITU became the first educational institution in Pakistan to offer classes in Metaverse. The online class will also have the feeling of being in a real educational institution.

Students and teachers in any city, any country, can simply put on the virtual reality headset and they will reach the class. There will be a projector and board for the teacher. In Metaverse, students will be able to feel their movements with questions and answers.


Students say that the online classroom is so close to reality that it has become easier to understand the syllabus.

Head of Department of Computer Sciences Ibrahim Ghaznavi said, “With this initiative, where energy will be saved, the academic ability of students will be improved.”

Talking about Covid, he said, “When online classes started after Corona, it was necessary to improve them because the students did not understand in the online classes, those classes were not close to reality.”

The University has also entered into an agreement with the University of Denmark in a pilot project.

The IT industry is of the opinion that if legislators make laws for modern technology and use it for the promotion of education, then Pakistan can shine around the world.