The second season of the popular drama ‘Fairy Tale’ arrived on our screens after a five month break, and this time the production delivered an empowering, wholesome story revolving around Farjaad and Umeed. If during the last season fans had to deal with the slow burn of the two settling their differences, learning to like each other and then developing a relationship, in this season we watch the two settle into married life and learn to overcome their personality clashes.

Writer Sehar Majeed has left no stones unturned with the insane amount of wholesome, endearing moments she wrote for Farjaad and Umeed. Seriously, don’t watch the show unless you’re in your room alone because jitna hum nahi expect kar rahay thay kay aisa koi Pakistani drama would make us squeal this much.

We know its too early but here are some of our favorite moments so far from the last four episodes where Farjaad and Umeed shine.


1 Starting with the dance sequence in last week’s episode, with shy boy Farjaad stepping up for the couple dance because Umeed requested him to.

2 Or how in episode one, Farjaad proving he’s the only one jis ko Umeed ki naraazgi sambhalni aati hai.

3 Caring fiance setting our standards high by protectively laying his coat over Umeed when she accidently slept over in his office.

4 The engagement sequence just made us shed tears of blood because kahan say Farjaad jaisa miyaan milay ga

5 Afterwards when the two are sitting outside and Farjaad says ‘Kis nay kaha tha itna khoobsurat lagnay ka?” Reham karien humaray upar sir