Eid Mubarak everyone! This Eid is all about having good food, but having food in large quantities can affect our health. To avoid getting sick this Eid, it is important to be mindful of what you are eating. Here are five tips you can follow to stay healthy on Eid.

Eat meat, but don’t overeat!

Eid is all about sharing feasts with your loved ones. Although there is nothing wrong with eating your favourite meat dishes, it is still crucial to keep your intake in check. Eating a lot can upset your stomach and you may regret being sick for the entire Eid holidays. On a day like Eid-ul-Azha, it can be a little frustrating to hold oneself back. After all, everyone is permitted to have cheat days. So, do not deprive yourself but rather indulge in a little bit of everything.

Add vegetables to your diet:

If you want to stay healthy during Eid-ul-Azha, then you should not restrict your diet to only proteins. Prepare stir-fried vegetables, grill or broil some alongside the meat. By consuming these wholesome vegetables with the meat, you will supply your body with the fiber it needs. Fiber also helps avoid heartburn and constipation.


Stay away from fried food:

During the Eid celebrations, you might be tempted to eat fried foods. As if eating meat is not enough, frying it makes it even heavier due to the added fat. Therefore, it is more difficult for your body to process it. So avoid fried food.

Avoid soft drinks:

Soft drinks are tempting, especially in this hot weather. Furthermore, we might not be aware of how much of the fattening soft drinks we actually consume because they are frequently served at Eid gatherings. Try replacing soft drinks with water.

Take a walk:

After eating, remember to take a walk. It is important to digest what you eat. Heavy meals require over six hours to digest. It would help if you walked regularly after every meal to make your immune system healthy and active.

These tips will help you stay healthy this Eid. In addition, don’t forget to share your food!