The Power Division has dismissed recent media reports suggesting that the government is imposing a fixed tax on solar power.

According to a notification released by the Information Ministry today, these reports are unfounded and inaccurate.

The Power Division clarified in a statement that there is no substance to the claims about a fixed tax on solar power.


It highlighted that neither the Central Power Purchasing Agency nor the Power Division has submitted any summary to the government proposing such a measure.

The statement highlighted that the Net Metering Policy of 2017 was designed to encourage the use of alternative energy sources, contributing to a significant increase in solar energy adoption.

This rapid solarization is seen as a positive trend, aligning with the government’s objectives to promote clean energy.

The Power Division also mentioned that any proposed changes or amendments to current policies are aimed at alleviating financial burdens on the economically disadvantaged.

It stressed that protecting the interests of the 152,000 net metering consumers remains a priority.